Semester 2

After a close call to failing last semester (yes I did pass pharmacology with a 76.3%), there is renewed hope. I’m currently kicking some serious booty in Psychology, and while there have been a few road bumps, I feel good about where I’m at.

Although: I’m a month in, and I’ve already had two full-scale panic attacks. Yep, folks, the talk is real: nursing school is as stressful as they say. Here’s what I’ve been doing to calm myself but still get everything done I need to:

  • Talk it out. No better way to solve a problem than to talk every detail out with people who care about your best interests.
  • Reward every small victory. Had a good day at clinical? I reward myself with hot Cheetos. I’m obsessed but at least it’s good motivation.
  • Throw away your eraser. I have to give credit for this one to my classmate Cody. On tests in the past, I have often second guessed myself and gotten questions wrong I had previously marked as correct. Ugh. I’m now trying to trust my gut instincts. Besides, that’s what I’ll have to do at hospitals for my entire career.

It’s going to be a long semester, but honestly it’s also just flying by. Almost at midterm already?! Are you kidding?? Life moves fast these days. Taking walks with my boyfriend and occasionally bingeing Gossip Girl or Grey’s Anatomy is not only healthy, it’s necessary to maintaining my sanity. And I will not apologize for that!