This past summer, I became obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with getting a pet bunny. I saw some of the fluffy babies at a Fourth of July carnival game and I fell in love. Twenty dollars later and I still hadn’t won a bunny, so I began to look for alternatives. A quick Craigslist search turned up some pretty good results, but there was the issue of my parents. They were completely against the idea of a pet rabbit. But I had fallen in love with a picture of a six week old grey bunny online. So what did I, a responsible adult, do? I got the bunny anyway.

I am very lucky to have pretty understanding parents, so the backlash wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and I settled on a name for my new bunny, a girl. Previously, I debated between two names, but I decided to name her after my favorite flower: Daisy.

The thing that scared me the most (and still terrifies me a little) was the fact that I was now in control of another living creature’s well-being. Feeding her every morning, making sure I let her out to run around for a bit each day, giving her the attention she deserves. It’s a lot to deal with, and I’m glad I assumed the role of Bunny Mom before I will ever attempt to care for an actual human child.

I ADORE Daisy. She really is super cute and has a very playful, sweet personality. She seems like a pretty content bun, so I feel like I’m doing my job okay. The thing about Daisy is that she gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. She needs me, and feeling needed is something that I honestly sometimes crave.

Recently, I realized that being a Bunny Mom™ has made me more confident and more able to speak my mind. Last week I had a small spat with my mom, and instead of completely shutting down, I explained to her that she had hurt my feelings, and she ended up apologizing. I think that Daisy has made me realize a lot more the things I care about deeply and the things that I’m willing to fight for.

Two months ago, I never would’ve guessed that a small fluffy animal could change my life so much, but now I really can’t imagine life without her. Here’s to another day of waking up and feeling needed.


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